Engine Builder Lubricants

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Engine Builder Lubricants

Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces.

The initial start up of a new engine is critical to its performance and life expectancy.

Lucas High Performance Assembly Lube is designed for mechanics and technicians to pre lube bearings, cams, lifters and valve train.

Bill Silvers uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

2002 I gave my daughter a 1993 Dodge Dynisity with over 125,000 miles on.

She recently called with a very bad power steering leak. (She lives in N/E New Jersey I live in N/W Arkanses) So I told her to take it to the local shop. She called me and said that 2 seals on the rack and pin were leaking, and that they filled the fluid box and sent her on her way. The next day she agean called to say that she had to put in more power steering fluid.

I told her to get the LUCAS PSSL and use it instead of reg. power steering fluid.

After filling the unit for the 2nd time she has not needed to put any power steering fluid in for over 12 months.

I use LUCAS in all my vehicles and started because I once used the Oil Stabilizer ina 1981 Kawasaki KZ 1000 and found that the motor temp. went down aprx. 25 deg.

That was in 1998 and I have been a fan of LUCAS ever since.


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