Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner

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Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner

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Lucas Deep Clean is blended with an exclusive Lucas additive package and specific carrier fluid that contains no diesel fuel, kerosene or anything else that can be harmful or useless to an engine. It also reduces NOx emissions, eliminates the need for higher octane fuel and deep cleans the entire fuel system and combustion chamber.

Key Benefits

  • Greatly reduces harmful NOx emissions
  • Removes carbon deposits
  • Totally eliminates knocking and pinging
  • Raises mpg and performance


  • #10669 - 155ml (Case of 24)
  • #10512 - 473ml (Case of 4)


Product Spec Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Stephen R. DeBence Describes Lucas Deep Clean as \Magic\ Liquid Cleaner for the Fuel System

Dear Sirs;
I am writing your company, after using your Fuel Injector Deep Clean new product. We purchased it at: Kragen-O’Riley Auto Parts Store in Murrieta. The young store clerk said “It was so new that it was not on the shelf yet and he would get a bottle from the stock room. He said it was terrific and sold most of it already. “ (I was ready to try something after no luck in start problem.)

Here is the full story: We have a ’96 Ford Windstar 3.8L V6 with 177,000 miles on her, used in our business, driving all over the country. Last week, NO START!! We had the fuel pump replaced and a couple of relays, new ground wire for the computer. It started but very hard, almost killing the battery. Once running about close to normal… in the 17F. to 40F. mornings of last week: No start. After battery charge and some bad words, we got her running but were afraid to go any distance.

We purchased a bottle of your liquid “MAGIC” as mentioned and poured it in the ½ full tank (12 Gallons) right in front of the store. Within ten minutes the engine gained power and at the stop light, it ran so smooth I thought it had stalled out!!!!! Wait, there is more….. When I drove home (ten minutes), I let the engine run for about another ten minutes at about 1,100 RPM to charge the battery up for a good start the next morning.

You would not believe this. Next morning, 18F. I turned the key to start the car and in an instant the engine started!!!!! I thought I was dreaming. I warmed it up and the engine was running so smooth. Never like this before…… Well, I thought I would shut it off and see if it would start up again. In an instant, and running again! I drove the van myself on some business calls and put another half tank of gas in and another bottle of DEEP CLEAN.

Almost a week gone, the van starts and runs great. I am sure you know as I do now, that the injectors were carbonized, leaking and sticking. Well they are almost as good as new (about $400 a set). I am still going to change the sensors after 15 years. We were stumped, because everything checked out, Spark, Compression, Timing, Injector Pulse, Fuel Pressure, Ect.

I have never written anybody in my life about their products, but I am writing you and I wish to thank you for this wonderful liquid cleaner. You have my best regards and I will be using Deep Clean once a month, FOR SURE!!

After previous 40 years in the Auto – Aircraft – Gas Turbine and Electrical / Electronics Business, I take my hat off to you!
Best Regards,
Stephen R. DeBence

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