Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner With Stabilizers

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Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner With Stabilizers

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Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers was developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol based fuels. This applies to E-10, E-15, E-85, pure ethanol and any mixtures in between including gasoline. Our Product is completely soluble in all ethanol fuels and will not harm filters. Lucas Safeguard™ Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers contains effective additives to prevent rust and corrosion associated with the use of ethanol fuels.

Key Benefits

  • Cleans injectors, valve seats, combustion chambers and other critical fuel components
  • Stabilizes fuel and prevents varnish & gum formation in ethanol and gasoline
  • Combats deposits and protects your engine oil lubricants from the harmful effects of alcohol combustion



  • #10670 - 155ml (Case of 24)
  • #10576 - 473ml (Case of 12)

Safeguard™ treats up to 80 gallons(302.8) of ethanol fuel. One ounce treats five gallons of ethanol fuel. Our new 5.25 oz bottle treats up to 25 gallons (94.6 liters) of ethanol fuel. Recommended for use in automobile and marine applications.


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Wes Palmer uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for Ford Ranger

I work in an auto parts store that sales Lucas Oil products. I recently used Lucas Fuel Treatment and Lucas Oil Sabilizer in my own personal vehicle and I must say that I am thoroughly pleased. My Ford Ranger with 50,000+ miles on the 2.5L engine runs better than it did when I bought it. I've never overhauled an engine without taking it apart until now. Your products are wonderful. They do exactly what the side of the bottle says they'll do. I freely and readily recommend Lucas Oil products to all of my customers.

I sing in a Southern Gospel group and we have an Eagle bus that I can't wait to treat with Your Oil Stabilizer, Fuel Treatment, Transmission Fix, and others. Thank you for offering such great products at a reasonable price.

Thanks again & God Bless,

Wes Palmer

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